Carolina de' Castiglioni interviewed FORM Magazine

Carolina set down with Tommaso Babucci from FORM Magazine to talk about Sýrma, how politics and activism inform her work and what's next for her.

"Feminism aims for the inclusion of all human beings, which is fundamental from an artistic point of view.. To exclude the representation of certain groups is a waste of creativity for me. The way I conceive  it, art aims to portray every side of the human psyche. To achieve that, we must include everybody, because the world is multi-faceted, people are different, and therefore, experiences will always vary. Which is amazing, because it means movies will never die and plays will never end! There's always going to be something new to learn, a constant flow of inspiration. If you don't allow for universal representation in your work, you're just doing yourself harm. You're not reaching that level of creativity that you could if you had a more inclusive mind. "

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