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About Me

Carolina is an award winning actor and writer based in New York and Milan. 
She graduated with Honors at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she majored in Acting and Philosophy.  She won 5 Best Actress Awards by various Film Festivals for her work in the shorts BARRACUDA and Getting A Scholarship. In December 2019 she premiered her first play, Sýrma, a contemporary myth inspired by greek mythology, which she wrote, produced and starred in. The play has been selected to participate at The New York Theater Festival in June 2020. The pandemic didn't stop her from working: in 2021 she produced three short movies that had a strong social impact: "Ridiamoci Su!" (Let's Laugh About It) went viral on Instagram, making more than 800K views; "Worthy Citizens" was realised in collaboration with Catcalls of NYC and Wanna Be Safe, two non-profits that focus on spreading awareness on street harassment; "The Cumbersome Guest" was premiered at GAM (the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan) and was praised by important newspapers and magazines, such as Corriere della Sera, ELLE Magazine and Vanity Fair, amongst others.
Carolina recently got her O-1B Visa to work in the US. You can see more of her work by clicking the YouTube icon or heading to the News and Media section of this website.