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Voice Over & Screenplay

A group of Ukrainian refugees reflect on the challenges of creating a new life in a new country.

Directed by Amaranta Medri

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"A short movie that makes us think and gives us hope."

"A short movie that portrays nostalgia, solidarity and hope for the future"

"de' Castiglioni gives the power back to Ukrainian women and shows us their strength, their resilience."


Luigina & Screenplay

In a  parallel world, great leaders gather to find a solution to an important social issue.

directed by Claudia Campoli

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"'Matriarchy' by Carolina de' Castiglioni is a comical manifesto against stereotypes"

"You must see Matriarchy"

"Carolina de' Castiglioni challenges us with the powerful short movie 'Matriarchy'"


The Cumbersome Guest

The Guest & Screenplay

Three struggling teenagers find comfort in the cumbersome guest, the personification of eating disorders. The Guest becomes they're closest friend, until they realise she wants to destroy them.

directed by Claudia Campoli

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"Carolina brilliantly plays the role of the Guest, a subtle voice that creeps into the mind of three vulnerable teenagers."

"This short movie is an incredible work of art that will hopefully help who lives with and loves people with eating disorders."

"Persuasive and merciless."

Worthy Citizens

Professor Terzani & Screenplay

A very professional and poised teacher instructs middle schoolers on how to be worthy and polite citizens.

directed by Matteo D'Elia

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"Actress-writer Carolina de' Castiglioni’s body of work pushes back against the status-quo"

"A provocative and surreal short movie"

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